March 26, 2018
Android Studio.
March 26, 2018

Visual Studio.

C programming language (Visual Studio)

This course includes:

The Definition of C programming language and its features besides the levels of excuting the program, and program structure

The basics of C programming language including data type, variables, and the input and output operations

printing the variables values on the screen beside to arithmetic operations

if conditions and loops

arrays and functions and excersices

Introduction to SQL databases

This course includes:


The Definition of the concept of databases and the databases management system, how to deal with them and how to make quiries.

Basic SELECT clauses and their general formulas and interpretation.

Computational factors and ordering data.

What are functions and explanations of the first-row functions and aggregate functions.

View data, link them, sub-queries, manipulate data, and then create tables.

Constraints which are created and apply it on columns and the forms of various constraints.

C # Visual Studio

This course includes:


The Definition of data types and basic input and output in C#.

The Definition of variables, functions, and values that are used in C #, its working mechanism and programming writing.

Programming C # using Visual Studio.

How to write a inner class .

Create a new project within Visual Studio using C #.