The National Training and Education Initiative

One of the Syrian Information Technology Club and Ararat Center for Development initiatives in Al-Qamishli city for the training and instructing of young men and women in different technological fields
Its goal is to build staff which is capable of developing services and community projects


Programming is the most important modern language, through which our daily life can be organized and facilitate working in many fields of service and commercial


The computer is one of the most important pillars of modern work, which is the core of the information technology revolution Through which we can develop a lot of work if we had full knowledge of its hardware and software

graphic design

Today, graphic design is the cornerstone of advertising and media, through smart and attractive design Messages can be delivered to the public

Main Programs

practical life can be organized by utilizing the major programs such as Office programs like Word, Excel and Access in the fields of writing, archiving and database organization

The only way to discover the limits of possible is to skip these limits slightly

The way to the future

We, The Syrian Information Technology Club, seek through our scientific and training initiative to create a generation of technocrats that capable of Managing institutions of services and community in all its aspects in a professional and responsible manner that meets the requirements of our modern era

To create a bridge that highlights the development aspect of the Syrian young men and women, in order to change the old mentality and keep up with modern science in all fields